Friday, August 17, 2018

Steam Vs Discord - A Blurred Line

In the last month, Steam has released a Discord-like chat feature and Discord has released a digital game store like Steam. Both are welcome additions to their respective services but which one is the best?

Chat Service:
There are quite a few VoIP software out there but none is as popular as Discord when it comes to gaming. Discord has been the go to chat service for PC online gamers for years. You can't play a PC online game without someone mentioning it anymore. It has become synonymous to VoIP for online gaming. Steam will need some time to dethrone Discord in this area.

Digital Game Store:
Steam is widely considered to be the first online digital game store and has been dominating the sphere for over a decade. Now it seems that every major game publishing company have been trying to get their own store going but none come close to the offering that Steam has. Discord has a lot of work to do for this to happen especially considering that there are a lot more "big names" to compete against, in the digital game market, than in the VoIP world.

For me, the fact that Discord now offers games and that Steam now offers a VoIP service doesn't change anything. I will continue using Discord as my VoIP and keep buying my games from Steam. They both still have their niche communities even though the line is has blurred as ever. Which service to you prefer?

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