Friday, April 30, 2021

My Favorite Moments in Deep Rock Galactic

I've been playing a lot Deep Rock Galactic as of late and by far my favorite moments are the end of a level. That last 3 minutes, where you have to rush back to your ship with aliens coming at you from all sides, is exciting as heck.

This one time, while our group was rushing back to the ship, one of our guys fell behind. Thinking nothing of it, we continued on expecting him to catch up but he was caught up with some aliens and was about to die.

We were faced with a choice: Do we leave without him or do we go back?

We decided to rush to his aid and the entire thing played out like a Michael Bay movie. Ammo was getting low, the enemies were increasing in numbers, explosions everywhere, with the time running out. We eventually made it out with 5 seconds to spare and it felt like we had just accomplished the impossible. 

We celebrated our victory with a in-game brew and we parted ways.

For Rock and Stones!

Friday, April 23, 2021

How Epic Store Loosing Money is a Good Thing

Epic store has reportedly lost hundred of millions of dollars since attempting to dethrone Steam but this is a good thing. The reason why Epic is loosing money is because they're giving away a bunch of games for free. This is good for two reasons:
  1. The companies making the games are getting millions, from Epic, to be part of this free deal.
  2. Many of those games are lesser known titles from lesser known gaming companies and making them free to players is a good way to get exposure.
Obviously, Epic won't be able to keep this up forever but they're loosing less and less money from this every year which means that, if the trend continues, they'll eventually turn a profit. I hope that they'll continue for as long as they can and I hope these lesser known gaming companies take full advantage of "giving" their games for free via the Epic store.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Deep Rock Galactic Should have Sold More

According to, Deep Rock Galactic sold roughly 2 million copies as of January, 2021 which, while impressive, is still quite low considering just how crazy good the game is. Don't believe me? Just look at the steam reviews!

What is Deep Rock Galactic? The folks at Ghost Ship Games created an entirely new genre here that has a flair of roguelike elements with Perks and FPS added into the mix. The goal of the game is mostly to mine precious minerals that are deep underground while trying to stay alive as both the environment and underground monsters are trying to kill you. It's fun in single player mode but truly shines in 4 player coops.

One of the coolest thing the Ghost Ship Games crew are doing is purring it a crazy amount of post-launch support. I hadn't played in a few months and was pleasantly surprised at seeing the new missions, gears and the quality of life improvements. As a side note, release 35 will include mod support for the steam version of the game.

The game is on Gamepass but even if it wasn't - you should buy and play this game.