Friday, November 27, 2020

Let Me Skip Tutorials

I've been gaming for as long as I remember and throughout that time I've became pretty good at picking up the game controls and mechanics. While I understand the purpose of the tutorials, they're definitely not for me and there's nothing I hate more than a game that forces it down my throat.

Call of Duty Mobile has an atrocious tutorial that's forced on you from the moment you first pick it up until you complete all of it. Do you want to change the sound settings before playing a game? NOPE! You need to first click on a few pointless menus to understand what they're for before you can do anything else in the game. In COD Mobile's case, not only is it forced on you but you literally can't do anything until you've done it all. This, as you might expect, didn't leave a good first impression.

There's what, 10-15 buttons on a controller? Do I really need to go through a tutorial to figure these out or can I mess around the game for 15 min until I get used to it? If you feel the need to add a tutorial in your game then at least give the option to skip it!

Friday, November 20, 2020

Xbox Series Vs PS5 - Which One To Buy

I'm planning on getting both consoles, eventually, but if I had to choose between only one of them I would go with the Xbox Series X and here's why.

  • Backward Compatibility - Both the PS5 and Xbox Series are backward compatible with the previous generation but only the Xbox Series goes as far back as the original Xbox generation.
  • Hardware Compatibility - The Xbox Series controller is compatible with the Xbox One - useful is you intend on keeping the Xbox One as a secondary console.
  • External Controller Battery - Society loves intergraded rechargeable batteries but I've always hated it because the device lifespan depends on it. I own both the PS3 and Xbox 360 - I can still pick up and play with any of my Xbox 360 controllers but need to keep my PS3 controller plugged in because the battery doesn't last as long anymore. If you intend on keeping your console for a long time then it's best to pick the device with a controller that doesn't have an integrated battery.
  • Airflow - It's no secret that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are generating a lot of heat. The Xbox Series X design isn't the most esthetically pleasing but it works well at keeping the eat away.
  • Storage Management - I'm only speculating here based on my experience with the PS4 and Xbox One... There was nothing more frustrating to me than to have my PS4 tell me that my 60gig remaining wasn't enough to install my 40gig game. It's unclear to me if this issue is fixed with the PS5 but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth and I really doubt this will be an issue with the Xbox Series since it wasn't for Xbox One.
  • Home Screen - There are things I hated with both home screen offering in the past generation but I've always ended up liking Xbox's a bit more.
  • Storefront - The PS4's storefront was a pain to go through as it had too much junk (themes/avatars) outside of games. 
Do you agree with my decision? What console are you getting?

Friday, November 13, 2020

New Generation of Console - Same Old Problems

It seems like we're always going to have the same problems for every new generation of consoles. A few users will have the following problems:
  • Death on Arrival (DoA) - Some users will plug everything to their monitors only to find out that the console won't start due to an hardware failure. 
  • Software Failures - Some users will experience software failures either due to a hardware failure or something that can be fixed via a patch.
  • Overheating - A friend of mine, who was fortunate enough to get one of the next generation console, has stated that she got an error message related to the console overheating.
Note that I paid special care not to mention any one console. You could take this post back in time to when the Xbox One and PS4 first launched and it would still apply. 

What's the solution here? Well it doesn't look like Sony/Microsoft have a solution for this, considering that the same mistakes seems to be happening every generation, therefor the responsibility falls on the consumer not to buy into the next generation early. It's best to wait a few months or, better yet, during the second version of the console (ex: Xbox One S) before buying in with the hopes that most issues would be fixed by then.

Obviously, not everybody is going to wait and not everybody is going to have problems. The launch day is always messy though and it's a shame that there isn't a better solution.