Friday, July 1, 2022

Take Away the Microtransactions And Diablo Immortals Is Still "Meh"

It's been reported that Diablo Immortals has made a crazy amount of money and I find this fact very surprising considering how stale the game felt to me. As someone who's been through hundreds, if not thousands, of rifts throughout the many seasons of Diablo 3 seeing it again in Diablo Immortal just felt not only familiar but lazy.

Rifts, for those of you who doesn't know, are basically dungeons where you kill monsters to fill up a meter until a boss appears that, once defeated, drops loot. The more difficult the rift, the higher chances of getting better loot... at least that's how it used to work in Diablo 3 but in Diablo Immortals the chances at good loot is heavily influence by items that you have to purchase with real money.

One of the best thing about the game is how you can just run into another player, get a group together, and venture forth with them. There's somewhat of an enjoyable MMO feel to the experience but everything else feels like a step down or deja vu from Blizzard previous entry in the series. This is very much a mobile game in every sense of the word which is likely why I didn't connect to the game as it's not a market that appeals to me.

The game is "free" with a good chunk of it that you can do before you even become aware of the monetization but once it's starts to hit it won't let go. The game has been intricately weaved with layers of microtransactions enough so that it would require you to spend time just learning about them all and their uses. Once you reach the end, you can still play without paying anything but your progress will severely be hindered and perhaps that's when you'll need to ask yourself "what's the point?".

Friday, June 24, 2022

Stay Away Diablo Immortals (It's a Gatcha Game)

Activision Blizzard has recently release a mobile game called Diablo Immortal and I knew from the moment it was announced that it would be a gatcha game that shouldn't even be touched with a 10 feet pole.
What is a gatcha game? Simply put, gatcha games offers a free experience up to a certain point and then you're required to pay to progress further. According to some news article, this starts at around level 35 in Diablo Immortal at which point progress is severely hindered unless you shell out money.

These sorts of games frustrates me as it's no longer designed for players as much as it is for payers. Sure, I've shelled out a few bucks for Rocket League passes (optional), Hot Wheels Unleashed DLCs (optional) but it's nowhere near as aggressive as it is with Diablo Immortal.

Gaming is a hobby that is starting to look more like a job that you have to pay for. Want to make progress in Diablo Immortals? Pay up!
What happened to you Blizzard? You used to be soooo good! Oh wait, Activision happened to you and slowly, but surely, you became less about your players and more about filling those people sitting around a table in suits.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Hotwheels Unleased Paid "Modules" DLCs is Wrong

Hotwheels Unleashed is an amazing arcade racing game that, to me, rivals the likes of Track Mania and Mario Kart in some areas. While it's possible to create your own tracks, using "modules", the developer deemed fit to block some of these modules behind a paywall which is a bad idea.

Paid modules, or anything that hinders user generated content, is a bad idea...

User generated tracks gives life to Hotwheels Unleashed online multiplayer. Why, then, would you do anything to discourage users from creating more varied tracks? Give the map creators all the tools they need to keep creating new tracks as that's what, ultimately, is breathing continuous life to the online multiplayer.

We're at a point now where game companies understand that paid DLCs shouldn't steer too far from being cosmetic only. For the most part, Hotwheels Unleashed developers understand this as they mostly introduce cars, that are on par with in-game cars in terms of abilities, and misc. decoration for your in-game room as paid DLCs. However, some of those DLCs are things that track creators could use to make their tracks more interesting and the more interesting maps are being introduce the more players are engaged.

Don't do anything to hinder player engagement of your game.