Ideas for a Battle Royale Game

Apex Legend, the newest contender in the Battle Royale genre, is a massive hit among players but it did little to improve the formula. What direction could the Battle Royale genre take in order to remain fresh and interesting? The below are some improvements that could help keep the genre fresh.

Randomly Generated Worlds - Battle Royale is a genre that's all about survival. Survival becomes easier once you know the ins and outs of the environment you're in. Why not keep players on their toes by constantly having them fight in randomly generated worlds?Bots - It’s easy for a newcomer to be intimidated by this type of game. While these types of games usually include a tutorial, why not also include the ability to play single player with bots to get familiar with how things work in the actual game?Varied Circle of Death Gimmicks - The circle of death is something that works but it’s also something that we’ve seen with all Battle Royale games. Why not have raisin water which would…

"Intelligent" Technology

The words "Intelligent" and "Smart" are nothing but buzz words for new gadgets or software. They are being used all over the place but are the items we buy, with "Smart" or "Intelligent" in its name, really all that smart/intelligent?

When I think about "smart", I think about something that is clever. Able of intelligent thought. You ask a question, it replies with the answer or it suggests things to you based on what it knows of you. Something that is helpful or design with humans in mind. Maybe AI could be considered smart but we're really not there with it yet.
I've been in the IT field for 10 years now and I've seen many software/hardware and not many of those were intelligently designed let alone acted with any sort of intelligence.

Smartphones were call smart before the introduction of AI. Is a phone, without Siri (or any other AI equivalent), really all that smart. I would argue that SIRI is nothing more than an a…

I'm Tired of Re-Buying Nintendo Games

Nintendo has been requiring users to create new Nintendo accounts for each generation of consoles since the Wii. This means that all digital games that were purchased during the previous generation are no longer accessible on the new console. Why the heck not?
There's no other reasons for this other than a pity attempt to cash in, again, on their older game libraries. After all, Nintendo doesn't have the excuse that the new hardware can't play those games considering that it's still possible to buy them on the new system.

It's not like I pick up those old games on a daily basis. It's just nice to have them follow my account from one generation to the next in a similar fashion than what the Xbox did with the Xbox 360/one.

This shady Nintendo tactic has prevented me of buying any digital content. Why would I? I might as well buy the physical copies so that I have the option of selling with the old console if I want to (remember that you can't sell digital …

Stop Putting Guns in RPGs

The first RPG I ever played was Final Fantasy VII on the playstation. It blew my mind but I hated the fact that Barrett Wallace had a gun in a world where sword and magic existed. Wouldn’t guns be able to beat swords all the time? Apparently not - at least not in the world of Final Fantasy VII and many other similar RPGs of today.

A few years back, Borderlands introduced a gun based RPG. Some clones have since surfaced. While they may be fun to play, I still hate having to shoot bad guys 60 times in the head in order to kill them.
You may ask “why are you asking for gun realism in a RPG fantasy world?” and my answer is that I do not want guns in Fantasy RPGs period.

"Don't bring a knife to a gunfight."

A game with guns, that also wants RPG elements, should approach the matter logically. Maybe, as you gain level, you become more competent with the gun. Instead of having a damage boost from your levels, maybe lower the recoil of the gun or have better aim wh…

Are "Free" Games the Future?

In today's world, you could have an entire gaming collection without spending a penny on them. There are games for everyone to play - for free. You can even play those games, at a competitive level, without spending a dime on the game itself. Is this the future of the video game industry?

One of the top game in the world, at the time of this writing, is Fortnite Battle Royale. It is free to play on every major consoles as well as PC. So what's the catch? There are no catch. The company makes its money by letting players buy vanity items. Want your character to have big bunny ears? Buy some for 2$.
When you add up all of these small transactions, you end up getting more money then you would of gotten from selling that same game at 60-100$ upfront. By having the game free, this also helps maintain a healthy, growing, community.

I believe the only reason why this isn't the mainstream approach is because most companies are stuck in the old way of thinking. You buy the game…

Algorithm in Our Entertainment Services

We've all heard of the AI that helps Amazon hire new employees (there are also rumors that AIs are also helping companies fire some people as well - but that's an entirely different topic). Similar technologies are being used by streaming services that help suggests content to us based on our history with the service - and it's getting pretty good at it.

This was made evident to me the first time I used Spotify. At first, none of the songs on it appealed to me. After a while of searching/listening and using the app - most of the songs that are now shown to me are things that I like even though I have never heard them before.

I'm both like and hate this.

On the positive side, it's nice to be exposed to things that you're more likely to enjoy right away. You don't have to spend as much time looking for the things you like as you would of needed 10 years ago in a physical store.

On the negative side of things, what does this mean as far as data goes? Wha…

Why Don't We Have 3D Everywhere?

Last week, I talked about the end of the era of the 3DS . This week, I got my hands on a new 3DS XL and boy it's awesome! Why don't we have more devices that uses similar 3D trickery as the 3DS did?

I mean, sure we have had some companies who's toyed with the idea of bringing 3D technology to the homes but with mixed results (talking about you Playsation 3D tv) but it was always requiring some glasses that had a crazy price tag attached to it.
Maybe that wouldn't work for TVs because many are watching it at the same time and it can't be 3D for everyone. How about Tablets and phone devices though? Why don't they have that sort of technology in them?

No market perhaps? If it was done right, maybe people would be using it. The 3D on the original 3DS was annoying as heck - I mean you could only view it at a certain distance from your face. If you moved a little, the effect was gone... that's fixed with the new 3DS though and it made me fell in love with 3D…