Friday, September 25, 2020

What the heck is Project Cars 3?

 When we close our eyes and think about Project Cars we think about a driving simulator the likes of Gran Turismo or iRacing hence why the release of Project Cars 3 is a bit confusing. Project Cars 3 is definitely aimed at more casual players, which if fine, but why call it Project Cars if you decide to take on an entirely different direction with it?

Why not take the same route as Turn 10 did with their Forza series? They have the Forza Motorsports, which is geared towards simulation, and they have Forza Horizon which is a bit more geared towards arcade/open world racing. We know what to expect when buying each game.

Who exactly did they make this game for? Project Cars 2 veterans will buy this and likely be disappointed while more casual racers won't buy it because they think it's still a racing simulator. This is definitely a game that people should try before they buy...

Friday, September 18, 2020

The Problem With Most eSports Games

I grew up playing video games when you were considered almost an outcast for doing so and that was at the time when "eSport" meant you attended a video game tournament either at a friend's house or at a local comic book store. The eSport of today is definitely more fleshed out with a structure similar to that of their more physical sport counterpart.

There's a problem with the eSport of today and its the fact that some of them require their athletes to get familiar with an entirely new version of their game every year. If we think of Call of Duty series, for example, they release a new game every year forcing the pros to learn new mechanics. While it's true that, at least to a casual player, it may not be that different but the nuances in gameplay are noticed by the pros enough so that they need to spend time re-learning them.
I think we can all understand this problem and why the likes of Counter Strike Go, Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch may be a better path for pros. Those games are tweaked every patches but it's generally not as big of a change as the total make-over of a new Call of Duty entry. The problem that those game faces, however, is the dwindling gaming community. It can be difficult to maintain a community interested in a game that is a few years old no matter how good it is.

eSport is a more dynamic field than traditional sport. It constantly needs to adapt to the wimps of the fan base. If there's not enough fan interest in a eSport league then it either dies or need to re-invent itself via a new game entry. The lack of consistency is a bit of a frustration for me but we do live in a wonderful time as far as video game is concerned. I'm not longer an outcast - I'm part of a majority.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Black Ops is a Nice Surprise

I had mentioned previously that I was behind on most things Call of Duty especially from companies other than Infinity Wards. After beating Black Ops 1 & 2 and starting Black Ops 3 I'm seriously impressed by what Treyarch have done with the series. 

The story of Black Ops 1 was interesting but the game-play to game-play moments were, more often than not, a chore to get through. I pushed through in order to understand what this series was all about. 

Black Ops 2, on the other hand, had a less interesting story but the game-play to game-play moments were more interesting. I very much enjoyed the customization options before starting a mission as well as the "Strike", optional, side missions which made the experience feels like it was tailored just for me. I also enjoyed the multiplayer maps from the few matches that I've done against bots. This is a game I would love to play during Lan parties.

Black Ops 3 campaign is still in progress but I can already see that they went all out with the customization on this one. Part of the reason why I like playing the likes of Need For Speed/Forza is because I can paint the cars the way I want. Treyarch brought this mechanic to the guns and it feels not only familiar but at home here. It makes me wonder why other series, like Ghost Recon, haven't introduced this into their game as well. I hope this was also part of Black Ops 4 as well.

From playing the first 3 Black Ops, I've noticed that Treyarch seems to take more risk when designing a game. Each new iteration is not only an improvement over the other it also introduces new mechanics that still manages to surprise series veterans. At this point, I feel like taking my time with Black Ops 3 and I want to experience the multiplayer as much as I can before moving on to Black Ops 4. I'm also very curious about Treyarch new "Cold War" game coming this year - what else do you have in store for us Treyarch?