Friday, January 21, 2022

Rainbow 6 Extraction - Where are the terrorist?

Ubisoft has done pretty much what they wanted with the Tom Clancy's brand making Rainbow Six an online shooter only, a game for which I didn't really connect with, and making Ghost Recon an open world game, a direction I think fitting for the series.

I played a bit of Rainbow 6 Extraction and I don't understand why this is a plague/alien/mutation/zombie game rather than a counter terrorist game. Maybe Ubisoft felt that they could go a bit more into the science fiction realm with this one by introducing monsters, instead of humans, but it's not like Rainbow Six Siege didn't have any sci-fi gadgets b.s. going on for it in the first place. 
They could easily change the alien enemies with bad guys of different types and make the entire experience a little bit more Earth like rather than a sci-fi monster fest.

What's the big deal? Well maybe it's not a big deal to most, and there's still some fun to be had here, but it does feel a bit too familiar and unexpected, at the same time, for a rainbow six (counter terrorist) series. It's a bit out of place like eating cereal with chocolate milk ... sure it can be done but its a bit weird and not something I personally enjoy.

Since I haven't played much of the game, maybe it's too soon for me to judge it. My first impression of it, however, is that I wish this would be a counter terrorist coop game like the days of old.

Am I the only one here?

One very good thing going for the game is that it feels good to play and I haven't encountered any bugs or issues with my time playing it making it a relatively stable launch when compared to other triple A titles of late *cough* Battlefield 2042, Cyberpunk... *cough* *cough*.

If you have game pass then whether or not you should try this game is a no brainer.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Do We Need Commentators in eSport?

eSports seems to have taken the route of traditional sports as far as commentators goes but some competitive game type could do without them.

If you take fighting games, for example, there's too much occurring in each second of gameplay for any commentator to be able to properly comment on. It's frustrating to me watching old EVO gameplay and just earing commentators saying non sense about what's going on in the 2-3 min round. Commentators are not needed here.

It make sense to have commentators for things like Racing games where the action is a little bit slowed as there's not that much differences, from a commentator's perspective, with real racing.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Fighting Games Distribution Needs to Change

One of the biggest problem I see with fighting games is that there's a new version of them coming out every X amount of years and developers are trying to extend the support of them via overly overpriced DLCs. While adding DLCs character is a good way to breath new life to an older game, it only goes so far before the player base move on to something else.

The revolution needed here is already widely popular with other genre. If we look at Rocket League, for example, we can imediately see that the system that they have in place is sustainable longer term as they've been around for a long time already.
What the fighting genre needs is to switch to a free to play approach with accessible battle pass mechanics that would introduce a new character, new cosmetics, and the like through a leveling system each seasons.

Picture this: You downloaded Street Fighter 6 for free, you have access to 10 characters and have the ability to unlock another one this season via a battle pass. You can, if you want, just play with the 10 characters or shell out the 20$ for the battle pass.

The amazing thing about giving something away for free is that it's easier to build a community around it and things like battle passes allows it to be sustainable longer term. For players, knowing that the game will be around for a longer period is good because it means that he won't need to re-learn mechanics with a new game.

Riot games, and other companies, are already in the process of releasing fighting games that follows this approach. It remains to be seen whether it'll be a success or not.