Disable the Minimap

I’ve recently tried playing Ghost Recon Wildlands without the minimap and found the game more interesting as a result. My eyes were no longer glued to the bottom left of the screen but rather looking at landmarks to find my way or paying closer attention to where the bullets were coming from.

Every open world game has a minimap (as well as other visual indicators) that makes the entire traveling experience more accessible. This God like view of the surrounding shows the mission objectives, enemies or important items nearby.

Games that are properly designed, however, do not require all of this and you may find some enjoyment from not having them shown to you during gameplay.
Try to play the likes of Ghost Recon, Grand Theft Auto or Assassin Creed without a minimap and you’ll realize that you’re no longer feel rushed to the end of your quest. Since there are no arrows, you’ll have to find your way looking at landmarks making the experience a that much more realistic.

Commentator Tools for Stream Viewers

As an occasional viewer of game streaming, i’m annoyed at how limited it all is. Game streaming is in full expansion and has potential to be more than what we’re getting now in terms of control for viewers at least.

When we look at sports commentary on such channels as RDS we see that the commentator has all sorts of option to pause the action, rewind, change camera, view in slow motion … why don’t we give these options to every single viewer as well?

Sure, this may require game companies to develop partnerships with streaming companies like Twitch and maybe it would require some additional development time for the tool but wouldn’t it make sense to see things like this for games that are esport focused? This would be especially useful during esports tournaments.


Forza Horizon 4 - Review

Since 2012, folks at Playground Games have been releasing a new Forza Horizon game every second year. We’re now at the 4 iteration of the series and, like its predecessors, it’s an improvement of the previous game on almost every aspect.

Like its predecessors, Forza Horizon 4 throws you in a huge open world to partake in the horizon festival. Think of it as a big party with racing at its core. The world is bigger than ever before and even more so with the addition of the 4 seasons which changes the dynamic of every races. Remember that river you used to cross in the summer in that one race? Well it’s frozen in the winter making the racing on it is as slippery as ice can be.

The customization is as deep as the previous entries in the series. The cars can be customized technically as well as visually albeit the later is restricted more so for some vehicles than others. You’re no longer restricted to a specific type of car to do a series of 3-4 races for most of the races av…

How Playground Games Fixed Rage Quitting

Rage quitting as a negative impact on online games and it is up to developers to come up with ingenious ways to prevent, or minimize, this. The folks from Playground Games have created a nice little system to do just that in their Forza Horizon 3 game.

How did they do it? Reward every player. While the last player won’t be getting as big of reward as the person that came in first place, he will still be getting something.More than one way to win points in online racing. Winning isn’t everything. If the player finished last, but drove with style, he may be getting more points than the position suggest.Fair class system. Some players have mastered the class systems. They can tweak their vehicles just right to get the most juice out of it but it doesn’t feel unfair and it’s possible for any player to tweak their car as such by copying what other players have done in-game. Obviously, a racing game is not the same as a First Person Shooter or a Fighting game so maybe some of the above item…

Make Free Phonecalls over Wifi Using Hangouts


Are you looking to make Canada/U.S. wide calls for free? Did you know you could do this for free in the first place? If you have a gmail account, then this is possible.

The following steps will teach you how to make free phone calls within Canada and the U.S. for free! As stated above, you will need a account. You can create one, for free, here.Download the hangouts app or go to its website.Plug in a headset or use your device speaker/microphone.Click on the "Phone" icon and dial the number you want to reach.Talk away! The great thing about this app/website is that the calls are as good as your speaker/microphone combo makes it to be and it's free!


Is Twitter Going To Die?

Facebook recently stopped 3rd party platforms from posting on behalf of users . The move will allow Facebook to have a greater degree of control on what is to be shared on its platform following the negative press it received in light of the Analytica data scan scandal. Does this change mean the beginning of the end for Twitter?

Twitter doesn’t add much value on it’s own. Whatever it’s doing, Facebook does it better. It’s a great place for quotes but what else? I used the social media site for the purpose of sharing news on Facebook and my Twitter since both following are somehow different. My following, however, is far greater on Facebook than it is on Twitter.

It’s been a tough year for social media sites. It remains to be seen if Twitter as what it takes without being able to talk to big brother Facebook.

Ghost Recon - Tips for Paying Ghost Mode

Last week, I talked about the new “ghost mode” from the ghost Recon wildlands game. This week, i have a few tips to share with you with the hope to help you live longer to get those end game rewards. Avoid Motorcycles - while motorcycles are fun to drive, they are pretty much just death traps on wheels. It is easy to get way ahead of a group, the crash, and die before your friends have a chance to get to you. Avoid flying vehicles - if you don't have a parachute, it is best to avoid flying. Either an enemy will shoot you down or a mistake will be made that will result in your death. Get parachute ASAP - this goes with the point above. There will be time where it will make sense to fly around in the world hence why it’s best to have the parachute equipped early on. Get grenade launcher add on ASAP - assuming you're using an assault rifle, it is a good idea to get the Grenade extension for it early on in the game so you can bring down those pesky enemy choppers. Stay in your …