Super Smash Brothers Ultimate World of Light is a Mess

The introduction of World of Light mode, in super smash brothers ultimate, is quite simply a complicated mess disguised as depth.

Do you like fighting in arenas that are designed with odd gimmicks like “wind” or “poison” that only impact negatively your character? Do you like to try to fight off 2 or more characters at the same time while having a lower defense? Do you like having to read through hundreds of “spirits” cards in order to find the right ones in an attempt to give you an edge in battle?
If you said yes to any of these then perhaps “World of Light” story mode is for you.

Look, It’s not that complicated; the purpose of a story mode in a fighting game is to learn the game’s mechanics. Why introduce mechanics in a story mode that will not be used outside of it? Makes no freaking sense.

One thing is for sure is that the inclusion of the spirit mechanic is not for me. Having to browse through hundred of spirit cards in order to find the right combination for the specific b…

eSport is for Everyone!

There are biological differences between the man and female body which may be the reasoning behind having dedicated sports teams rather than having mixe ones. Traditional sport also has separate divisions for people with disabilities.

eSport is still in its infancy and already we can see a division similar to traditional sports. In the eSport world,biological differences, or disabilities, doesn’t always make difference on how good someone can play. Why don’t we have female players competing against male ones? Why don’t we have more people with disabilities competing? Why don’t we have teams that would include people from all groups?
Let’s not bring the misconceptions of traditional sport to the eSport world. Women/Men, people with disabilities and everything in between can and should play video games with each other at a competitive level.

The following video is an example of a blind man competing at a Street Fighter V tournament. How many more people, like this player, could do t…

The Playstation VR is a Disappointment in Cinema Mode

Things such as video headsets , VR and augmented reality are the entertainment of the future. This past weekend, I wanted a taste of that future by buying the PS VR. My plan was to use it, mostly, in cinema mode to watch movies while the TV is in use.

My biggest struggle with the headset is to get the right view angle. In VR mode, this isn’t a big issue considering that the center of the screen is where you’ll be looking at most times and that is usually pretty clear once it’s setup.

Aside from the less than ideal resolution, the biggest problem with the Playstation VR is with the Cinema mode. For those of you who doesn’t know, cinema mode is not VR. You basically put the glasses on and it’s like you’re viewing a super big screen TV. Depending on screen size you’ve set (small/medium/large), you have to move your head to see each sides of it. The core of the issue is that everything not directly in front of you is a blurry mess which makes things less than ideal in this mode.

Bye Bye Pokemon?

I’m in my early 30s and I’ve been playing pokemon games, on and off, since the original Red/Blue game came out back in the mid 90s. I’ve recently picked up the latest iteration, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and found myself struggling to get into it. Are my Pokemon Trainer days behind me?

Throughout the years, the game received some tweaks and improvements. Most notably is the changed from 2d sprites to a fully 3d environment with the introduction of Pokemon X/Y in 2013. It was, admittedly, long overdue and what the series needed to still feel fresh. A few iteration of that later and we now have a beautiful rendered world on the more powerful Switch.

So what’s wrong?

Well nothing is wrong with the game itself. How you catch pokemons is different in Let’s Go pikachu but everything else is pretty much the same. You go in, catch some pokemons, train them and beat some gyms. Don't change what isn't broken ... Rinse/Wash/Repeat…

The problem is with me. I’m no longer part of the d…

When Tech Companies Become Too Big

There are laws in place that prevents companies to gain monopoly in a specific area but it sometime feels like the tech industry are above these laws. While it's true that Google isn't the only search engine around ... they are dominating the game to the point that they have a bigger degree of control than every other search engine companies combined. They have the power to omit certain companies in their search results, or show one over the other, which could mean thousands of dollars lost in revenue for which ever company Google's search functions doesn't favor.
They also control what data they keep from each visit and what they do with it.

Google isn't the only company doing this - there are others that we all know and use on daily basis.

My point is that big tech companies are making the rules and we do not currently have a government that understand these enough to say anything about them. As a result, every second day, we hear of controversies surrounding…

What Need For Speed (2015) got Right!

I was reluctant in experiencing the Need For Speed series once Ghost games took over but I was pleasantly surprised at what they did with it. While Need For Speed Payback is fun to play, it removed some of Need For Speed (2015) mechanics that made it so much better.

Ghost Game created a world in Need For Speed (2015) where the player actually felt like he was a street racer. With cops all around, other players cruising by in their pimp out rides in the middle of the night. Everything just felt like it was authentic street racing.
Sure, some people didn't like the fact that it was always online - that when you race, you sometime hit another player that is crusing in the opposite direction... but doesn't it just add a little bit of realism to this arcade world?
Being "always night time" was a big disappointment for many as well but I would argue that most street racing occurs at night when the traffic is at it's lowest - which is the reason why it is the general …

Launch of Atlantic eSport League

All signs shows that eSport is becoming the next big thing in the competitive industry. There are talks of having divisions of it at the Olympics, big pockets are investing in it and news outlets now have sections dedicated to the discipline.

To me, this means that we need to have a more leagues, more circuits, more people managing everything behind the scenes. This is why i created the Facebook group Atlantic eSport League - a East Canadian eSport division. The idea is to find, and connect with, those interested in contributing in this growing industry.

Do you live in Atlantic Canada? Are you looking to join a eSport team in the area? Do you have a team already? Do you have other ways to contribute to the cause?

Click here to join!