Steam Vs Discord - A Blurred Line

In the last month, Steam has released a Discord-like chat feature and Discord has released a digital game store like Steam. Both are welcome additions to their respective services but which one is the best?

Chat Service:
There are quite a few VoIP software out there but none is as popular as Discord when it comes to gaming. Discord has been the go to chat service for PC online gamers for years. You can't play a PC online game without someone mentioning it anymore. It has become synonymous to VoIP for online gaming. Steam will need some time to dethrone Discord in this area.

Digital Game Store:
Steam is widely considered to be the first online digital game store and has been dominating the sphere for over a decade. Now it seems that every major game publishing company have been trying to get their own store going but none come close to the offering that Steam has. Discord has a lot of work to do for this to happen especially considering that there are a lot more "big names&qu…

The Future of Television is in the VR/AR Glasses

The Television is dying and from its body comes Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality glasses. After all, what's the point of a big flat screen T.V. when you can just have a set of glasses that covers your entire viewing area?

Sure, the technology is in its infancy. Developers are still figuring out how to best take advantage of it, you still require weird controllers, there are people saying that the it's making them nauseated... but it's only a matter of time before these issues are being ironed out and a proper version comes out to a store near you.

What will happen to the Television then you ask? It will be dead and gone. Hurray?

The End of Voice Actors?

Text to speech apps, such as Amazon Polly, are becoming more common in games where users have to interact heavily with NPCs such as RPGs. Why pay hundred of thousands of dollars for voice actors when a software can do this at a fraction of the price?

This is not to say that all characters in games would be automated but everything, outside of the main characters, could. The voices are now so life like that some games, like Elder Scroll Online, have implemented this system without most, including myself, noticing it. (If you look at one of the intro screens, of ESO, you'll see that they have used some of that technology in the game).

Who knew that text to speech would become so lifelike that it could fool people into believing they’re real. Will the animated films of tomorrow be voiced by computers or will it remain in the gaming realm… time will tell.

Guild Wars 2 - Late Review (2018)

Before anyone asks, no I wasn't able to play Guild Wars 2 on my old account. I pretty much given up on trying to work with CS on that one and created a new account instead.
I'm a little bit late to the party but I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only were there still many people playing but I could see them everywhere!

Guild Wars 2 questing system is design in such a way that there are no ghost towns unlike other traditional MMORPG such as World of Warcraft. If you want to quest, just show up somewhere and something will happen that will require you to team up with other folks to get things done.
The level is adjusted for each area so that everyone faces a challenge at all times. This is perfect for those wanting to help out a new person, like me, but doesn't want to necessarily create a new character.

Obviously, the game isn't without it's flaws. The world is generally bland, I don't particularly feel compel to explore it for any other reason tha…

Will I Ever Be Able To Play Guild Wars 2?

Back in 2007, I had purchased the original Guild Wars and played it for roughly a month before I moved on to something else. Recently, I came across a Guild Wars 2 ads and decided to get the dust out of my old account and start playing the free version of Guild Wars 2.
After a month of making this decision, I'm still not able to log into the game...

The problem:
I haven't touched this account since 2007 and, obviously, I forgot the password. No problem, I thought, I'll just have it reset. For some reason, the only way to reset the password was for me to get the serial number of my original game or contact customer support directly. After a few email exchange with CS, I got that figured out (but like why is this required?). This process roughly took 2 weeks. After I got my account setup, I fired up the client just to get the below error upon login and I'm back with CS trying to figure it out... (note that I can't register to get a free serial either...)


Delete Your Google Activity!

Facebook was scrutinized recently for the type of data it kept from every individual using their services. Did you know that Google keeps even more data than Facebook?
Google kept some of my history from 10 years back. Does Google really need to keep that information for that long?

If you wish to delete your Google Activity/History, you can do so by doing the following:
Go to in with your Gmail account.Select the "Delete activity by" option from the left. Select "All time" in the "Delete by date" Dropdown. Click on the "DELETE" link/button. According to Google, this will erase all activity of your gmail account. Does it keep other information on your activity outside of this? Probably - only Google knows.
Everyone should know about this. Spread the word!

Nintendo is Not Ready for The Digital Revolution

Whether we like it or not, the future of gaming is digital. I, who was a big believer in the "physical copies", spent more on digital games this year than physical ones. The only physical games I bought were on the Nintendo switch. Why? Because the internal memory of the thing is not big enough to house all my games and I'm not going to spend money on additional storage space (I also like the little cartridges) when I can just buy the physical copies for the same prices as the digital ones.

If you have a switch, then you know all about the digital store. It is not the greatest around but it is there and it doesn't make sense considering that you absolutely need to buy extra storage if you want to keep all your game collection on your device. Why advertise a digital marketplace when the device that it is accessed from doesn't have enough room, out of the box, to store more than one game?

In comparison, the Xbox One X comes with a 1 TB and I would argue that it…