Friday, December 10, 2021

Why am I just Founding out About Garou: Mark of the Wolves?

I've been in a fighting game kind of mood as of late and decided to do some research in order to find my next purchase. Many lists of "Best fighting games" included a game that was previously unknown to me, as it originated on a console I hadn't adopted, called "Garou: Mark of the Wolves" and decided to pick it up on steam. 

I was immediately blown away by it!

One thing to note is that the steam version is a 2020 upgrade that perfectly preserved the original game while adding better menus as well as better multiplayer options. Since this is my first time playing this game, I can't really speak to whether or not this is the best version to get but it looks amazing in all of its pixel perfect glory and clear menus.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is the last "Fatal Fury" game and they definitely left the series on a high note. You're not going to find a crazy amount of characters, modes or quality of life things that more recent fighting games have but what you have here is a fighting game that feels right. 
One of the problems with today's fighting games is that they use the character count as a selling point for the game. Companies are quick to point out that their games have "50 characters from day 1" but the more characters you have the more daunting it can be in learning about all of them and the more likely that their originality will get lost in the bunch. Garou: Mark of the Wolves only has a handful of characters that all shine as a result.

The highlight of the game is in its fighting system which include easy combos, with special moves that uses power energy, mixed with a bonus system integrated in the health bar that get activated once you reach that level of health. Within an hour of playing, I was already ravaging my enemies with special moves that they proceeded to counter as I still didn't know when best to use them.

I can't believe that this game came out in 1999 and I just now learned about its existence. If you haven't played it yet then you definitely should try it out.

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