Friday, July 14, 2023

Street Fighter 6 World Tour is Final Fight

The older gamers amongst us may remember a game called "Final Fight" set in the same universe as Street Fighter. The brawler hasn't received much love over the years, however, but all of this seems to have change with the latest entry of the Street Fighter game.

Street Fighter 6 include 3 main modes - one of which is called "World Tour" which is essentially you creating a custom character in the Final Fight/Street Fighter universe.
World Tour is Street Fighter's control in a brawler open world. You can fight almost anyone and sometimes it's multiple people against you. This is as close of a Final Fight game as we've gotten in quite some time and you need to try it.

If you haven't picked up Street Fighter 6 then maybe you should as it's not only the best in the series but quite possibly the best fighting game created so far.

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