Friday, May 1, 2020

I Hate Limited Time Events

If you played any games in the last 5 years then you're likely familiar with the limited time events. Those events which, like the name implies, are only available for a limited time. They often come with a reward that can only be unlocked during said event.

The reason why I hate those limited time events is because I don't usually buy a game at full price - I wait a year or 2 and by that time the price has dropped.
More than 5 years ago, this wasn't really a big deal. You just picked up the game and played but now it means that you essentially missed out on those events.

It's a good way for game companies to make people buy their games at full price on release days but it suck for the poor, or financially minded, people among us. Sadly, this just seems to be the way the industry is going.

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