Friday, December 16, 2022

The Sonic Frustration

While I never was a fan of Sonic, I have come across a few Sonic games over the years which were polar opposites in terms of quality and fun factor. Essentially, it's difficult to get excited at a Sonic game release as you never know what to expect from the SEGA mascot. 
If, on the other hand, I would tell you that another Mario game is coming out there's some sense of predictability that can be felt. Mario games, unlike Sonic games, have consistently been quality experiences that, sure, may not always appeal to everyone but they were generally bug free with an experience that felt well thought out.

Even with Sonic Frontier's positive reception, I'm reluctant at the idea of picking the game up as I get flashbacks of other Sonic experiences that I would rather forget (is that PTSD?). SEGA has sandwiched good Sonic games in between bad ones and I no longer care to give their games a try - even the seemingly good ones.

Sonic is, to me at least, a "don't buy or buy on discount/sale" type of mascot.

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