Friday, November 25, 2022

Minecraft - Different World Same Process

I've recently started playing Minecraft again with my sister, after a year long hiatus, and was surprised to find my sister doing the same thing she pretty much was doing last time she played with me. She started off by cutting down a few trees, dig a hole where she spent the first night, then proceeded to build chests/farm/animal enclosers with a few houses, largely the same format as I've seen before... essentially, I felt like we were playing the same game as last time even though it was a totally different world. Similar to last time, once she started losing interest once she became "wealthy".

How can you loose interest in a game where you can literally build anything anywhere?

Well that's simple to answer: You loose interest because you never leave your comfort-zone. Minecraft is a game that lets you do anything but human nature tends to favor routine. Once the cycle for success is found then it's a matter of repeating it every new playthrough.

How can you get out of the creative rut? 

Since I grew up with legos, I understand full well the creative rut that we sometime can get into with building blocks (or art in general) but the following should help anyone that wants to get out of it:
  • Build something new by looking at tutorials online.
  • Build on the landscape "as is" instead of making everything "flat" for your structures.
  • Add details to your existing structures.
  • Build in places that you're not used to building such as underwater or underground.
  • Automate things using Redstone.
  • Recreate your surrounding within the game.
Minecraft is an amazing game that's at its best when played creatively. Don't be afraid to experiment with it and most importantly: Have fun!

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