Friday, November 4, 2022

Why the Steam Deck Didn't Launch with Windows

The Steam Deck has been out for a while now and still only comes with Steam OS. While I don't have inside scoop on why Valve decided to omit a windows version, we can deduct reasons just by thinking logically about it. The following is what I was able to come up with:
  • Cost - Anyone that wants Windows on their device need to pay for a licensing fee which would of likely made the cost of the Steam Deck 100-200$ more than it is now. They were able to keep the cost down by having their own OS.
  • Console Experience - Valve is attempting to create a console experience (accessible/just works) with the Steam Deck which would of been difficult in a situation where they don't have full control over the OS.
  • They want to get away from Windows - The older gamers amongst us will remember a time when Microsoft was throwing around the idea of everything needing to go through their store similar to what Apple is doing with their Mac/Devices. Valve wasn't on board with this idea which is how the "Steam Box" came to be. The Steam Box was ultimately a failure but it was Valve earliest attempt at independence/console nonetheless.
Would you of preferred a Steam Deck with windows on it out of the box? 

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