Friday, July 6, 2018

Nintendo is Not Ready for The Digital Revolution

Whether we like it or not, the future of gaming is digital. I, who was a big believer in the "physical copies", spent more on digital games this year than physical ones. The only physical games I bought were on the Nintendo switch. Why? Because the internal memory of the thing is not big enough to house all my games and I'm not going to spend money on additional storage space (I also like the little cartridges) when I can just buy the physical copies for the same prices as the digital ones.

If you have a switch, then you know all about the digital store. It is not the greatest around but it is there and it doesn't make sense considering that you absolutely need to buy extra storage if you want to keep all your game collection on your device. Why advertise a digital marketplace when the device that it is accessed from doesn't have enough room, out of the box, to store more than one game?

In comparison, the Xbox One X comes with a 1 TB and I would argue that it is still not enough to house the massive, 4K, games of today when you consider that most of those games are 40-60 GB.

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