Friday, October 19, 2018

Disable the Minimap

I’ve recently tried playing Ghost Recon Wildlands without the minimap and found the game more interesting as a result. My eyes were no longer glued to the bottom left of the screen but rather looking at landmarks to find my way or paying closer attention to where the bullets were coming from.

Every open world game has a minimap (as well as other visual indicators) that makes the entire traveling experience more accessible. This God like view of the surrounding shows the mission objectives, enemies or important items nearby.

Games that are properly designed, however, do not require all of this and you may find some enjoyment from not having them shown to you during gameplay.
Try to play the likes of Ghost Recon, Grand Theft Auto or Assassin Creed without a minimap and you’ll realize that you’re no longer feel rushed to the end of your quest. Since there are no arrows, you’ll have to find your way looking at landmarks making the experience a that much more realistic.

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