Friday, June 26, 2020

I Hate Subscriptions

I recently started playing the board game of "Go" (if you haven't tried then you should it's a nice strategy game) and was looking to get an app for it. There's a fairly limited selection of apps, at least on IOS, which is kind of a bummer. One of the best "free-ish" one that I found is called "BadukPop" and while it is free there are many things stuck behind a paywall. The paywall, in this case, is a subscription.

I hate subscriptions to anything whether it be a magazine, insurance, streaming service, game ... hate them. I hate the idea that I only have access to the service for as long as I pay for it. In some instances, like maybe insurance, it makes sense but for games I'm just not used to it nor do I wish to get use to it.

Sure, the monthly fees are usually manageable but it's easy to forget that you end up quite a lot when you've been subscribed for a number of months/years. I have friend, for example, who's been playing WOW since the original (that's 15+/month for a lot of years). He loves the game but I can't help to feel like the money could of been used better elsewhere. How much money would he been able to make if he would of put 15$/month in retirement savings?

I'm cheap - I won't my entertainment to cost as little (but still legal) as possible hence why I usually get my games on special months, sometime years, after the original releases.

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