Friday, November 27, 2020

Let Me Skip Tutorials

I've been gaming for as long as I remember and throughout that time I've became pretty good at picking up the game controls and mechanics. While I understand the purpose of the tutorials, they're definitely not for me and there's nothing I hate more than a game that forces it down my throat.

Call of Duty Mobile has an atrocious tutorial that's forced on you from the moment you first pick it up until you complete all of it. Do you want to change the sound settings before playing a game? NOPE! You need to first click on a few pointless menus to understand what they're for before you can do anything else in the game. In COD Mobile's case, not only is it forced on you but you literally can't do anything until you've done it all. This, as you might expect, didn't leave a good first impression.

There's what, 10-15 buttons on a controller? Do I really need to go through a tutorial to figure these out or can I mess around the game for 15 min until I get used to it? If you feel the need to add a tutorial in your game then at least give the option to skip it!

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