Friday, September 23, 2022

The Optimum Time to Play A Game

We used to be able to buy a game, play it right away, and enjoy it the way the developers meant for it to be enjoyed. Our first impression of the game was the final build from the developers. Things have changed for the worse since...

Now, the release date isn't considered a date when the product is finished as much as it is just a date the product will be released to the public. With Battlefield 2042, Cyberpunk... we can quickly see how problematic that strategy is with many not having a first good impression of the game.

First impression is everything because there's only one time that it's going to be the first time. If you fail to make a good impression, the player base will simply move to the next shiny object likely never to come back. Do you really want this to be the experience your players go through?
It's not about making the experience perfect as much as it is making it enjoyable and for it to be enjoyable there needs to be some degree of quality tied to it.

When is a good time to play games nowadays?

The answer used to be "anytime after the game is released" but nowadays I'm more tempted to say that the best time is when the game is stable which could be soon after release or, in the case of Cyberpunk, almost 1 and half year after release.

Speaking of Cyberpunk, I recently came across news that v1.6 was out which brought fixes as well as technical improvements on next gen consoles... in other words if, like me, you haven't picked this game up yet then now IS the optimum time to play it... almost 2 years after it originally came out. Hey! At least they didn't drop support of it like EA did for Anthem.

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