Friday, September 7, 2018

Ghost Recon - Tips for Paying Ghost Mode

Last week, I talked about the new “ghost mode” from the ghost Recon wildlands game. This week, i have a few tips to share with you with the hope to help you live longer to get those end game rewards.
  • Avoid Motorcycles - while motorcycles are fun to drive, they are pretty much just death traps on wheels. It is easy to get way ahead of a group, the crash, and die before your friends have a chance to get to you.
  • Avoid flying vehicles - if you don't have a parachute, it is best to avoid flying. Either an enemy will shoot you down or a mistake will be made that will result in your death.
  • Get parachute ASAP - this goes with the point above. There will be time where it will make sense to fly around in the world hence why it’s best to have the parachute equipped early on.
  • Get grenade launcher add on ASAP - assuming you're using an assault rifle, it is a good idea to get the Grenade extension for it early on in the game so you can bring down those pesky enemy choppers.
  • Stay in your group - since you're allies can revive you, it only make sense to stick together in order to increase your chances of survival. I lost count of the amount of players we've lost simply because they were too far for us to help.
  • Avoid radio stations - Radio stations type of mission can turn chaotic pretty fast. It's best to wait until you're properly geared for them.
  • Know who you are playing with - You never know who you going to end up with. Does the person know how to play? Is he going to kill you? Let you die?
  • Turn down the difficulty - This is not the time to attempt to beat the game on hard difficulty. Turn the difficulty down.
  • Don't shoot unless you're 100% sure - Wayne Gretzky once said “ you miss 100% of the shots you don't make” well when your life is on the line, don't make shots you don't feel comfortable making. If you miss, it may be game over for you.
  • Move out when detected - Enemies are after you? Move on to the next base and come back to it later when things have calmed down.
  • Forget about getting everything - Want every document, gun parts and guns? Well there's no point in doing so in this mode considering that you will need to restart everything in the event that you would die. Just go for what you need and do the missions to get the prestige necessary for the end gear.
Even after all these, you can still die. You have to be okay with that if you want to play in this game mode. Dying hurts real bad when the character you’ve been playing with has all the unlocks you want.

See you in the game Ghosts.

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