Friday, August 31, 2018

Ghost Recon - Ghost Mode

After spending close to 200 hours with Ghost Recon Wildlands, on PC and Xbox One, I thought my days of bringing down the cartel was behind me. After loading up the game on my Xbox, following an update, I realized that a new menu item was added called “Ghost Mode”. What is “Ghost Mode”? Well I'm glad you ask!

Ghost mode introduces tweaks to the base game to make it a bit more challenging to veteran players. The most notable tweaks are:
  • Permadeath: if you die - it's game over. Nothing is carried over from your previous game.
  • Lost ammo: are you one of those players that reloads every time you shoot 5 bullets? Well you'll be out of ammo pretty quickly if you do that in this mode. (This is my favorite addition)
  • Only one main weapon: in this mode, you're no longer able to carry around 2 main weapon. Only 1 with a sidearm.
  • Can't change weapons via the menus: you used to be able to switch weapons on the fly just by going to the menu. Now, you actually have to be near an ammo box in order to update your weaponry.
This has now become my favorite mode in the game. Gone are the days of the one man army. Permadeath adds emotional weight to dying. There's now a greater emphasis on team-play and there's a need to put some thought in every enemy encounter in order to make it out alive.

Official details can be found here.

I’ll see you on the battlefield… or I won't depending of how good of a Ghost you are.

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