Friday, November 16, 2018

When Tech Companies Become Too Big

There are laws in place that prevents companies to gain monopoly in a specific area but it sometime feels like the tech industry are above these laws. While it's true that Google isn't the only search engine around ... they are dominating the game to the point that they have a bigger degree of control than every other search engine companies combined. They have the power to omit certain companies in their search results, or show one over the other, which could mean thousands of dollars lost in revenue for which ever company Google's search functions doesn't favor.
They also control what data they keep from each visit and what they do with it.

Google isn't the only company doing this - there are others that we all know and use on daily basis.

My point is that big tech companies are making the rules and we do not currently have a government that understand these enough to say anything about them. As a result, every second day, we hear of controversies surrounding data breach because these companies are not following proper security procedures (maybe they shouldn't have that much data on us in the first place though?) or are not quick enough to update them to the latest and greatest.

This problem isn't going away. We need a full time tactical task force of ethical hackers that would bombard these companies left and right to ensure, at the minimum, that our data is safe. When ever a breach is found, a hefty fine would be given to the company with a timeline for when the issue needs to be resolved by. If they don't comply, then maybe a cease and desist is required.

Maybe something like this already exists and we just don't know about it but my online searches on the subject have always returned empty. Do you have information on this that I don't? Comment below!

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