Friday, December 28, 2018

Is it the END of the 3DS?

The original 3DS came out in 2011 and, while we did get a small upgrade to it, there's not much that changed with the device since it's release. Is it the end of the much beloved 3DS? Below are some signs that Nintendo may be dropping support for the device.
  • There are no games that will be released on the system after 2019. Most third party companies have moved away from the system for a few months now and according to the official game release list from Nintendo there won't be any new game releases after 2019.
  • Nintendo released another handheld device. The Switch, while not having the 3D capability, is a pretty amazing handheld system. Why would Nintendo continue to support both systems when the Switch is the most capable devices of the 2?
  • No new Pokemon games announced for the 3DS. Let's face it, one of the major seller of the 3DS has always been the Pokemon games and now it seems like the series has moved on to the Switch with the recently released Pokemon Let's Go.
  • Some services, such as Miiverse, have been discontinued.
  • Sales have slowed down a bit since 2011. However, one could argue that the sales are still decent considering that they've sold 6.4 million units (without counting December) this year still.
  • Streetpass is empty. Streetpass, the amazing 3DS functionality where you get other people's Miis when you walk near their 3DS system, is dead. Nobody is carrying their 3DS devices with them anymore.
  • No new bundles. Nintendo has released quite a few devices bundled up with games over the years but we haven't seen any new bundles in a while. No plans were shared with the public regarding upcoming bundles either.
  • Stores don't have as much in stock. I recently wanted to upgrade from a regular 3DS to the "New" one but couldn't find any "3D" models in stores. My choices were limited to a few 2DS models.
  • Overdue for an upgrade. Gaming systems don't usually last more than 5-6 years after which it is being replaced by a newer, more capable, model. If the 3DS is still going to be "a thing" for Nintendo then we're overdue for an hardware upgrade.

The 3DS is still my console of choice when ever I'm on the go. While I do want to use it as much as I possibly can, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find games or a replacement device. The end is near!

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