Friday, January 4, 2019

Why Don't We Have 3D Everywhere?

Last week, I talked about the end of the era of the 3DS . This week, I got my hands on a new 3DS XL and boy it's awesome! Why don't we have more devices that uses similar 3D trickery as the 3DS did?

I mean, sure we have had some companies who's toyed with the idea of bringing 3D technology to the homes but with mixed results (talking about you Playsation 3D tv) but it was always requiring some glasses that had a crazy price tag attached to it.
Maybe that wouldn't work for TVs because many are watching it at the same time and it can't be 3D for everyone. How about Tablets and phone devices though? Why don't they have that sort of technology in them?

No market perhaps? If it was done right, maybe people would be using it. The 3D on the original 3DS was annoying as heck - I mean you could only view it at a certain distance from your face. If you moved a little, the effect was gone... that's fixed with the new 3DS though and it made me fell in love with 3D all over again.

I don't want the 3DS to die! It's my only 3D machine nowadays...

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