Friday, December 14, 2018

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate World of Light is a Mess

The introduction of World of Light mode, in super smash brothers ultimate, is quite simply a complicated mess disguised as depth.

Do you like fighting in arenas that are designed with odd gimmicks like “wind” or “poison” that only impact negatively your character? Do you like to try to fight off 2 or more characters at the same time while having a lower defense? Do you like having to read through hundreds of “spirits” cards in order to find the right ones in an attempt to give you an edge in battle?
If you said yes to any of these then perhaps “World of Light” story mode is for you.

Look, It’s not that complicated; the purpose of a story mode in a fighting game is to learn the game’s mechanics. Why introduce mechanics in a story mode that will not be used outside of it? Makes no freaking sense.

One thing is for sure is that the inclusion of the spirit mechanic is not for me. Having to browse through hundred of spirit cards in order to find the right combination for the specific battle I’m about to tackle is a chore. Especially considering it’s pretty much needed for every second fight.
“Floor is on fire”, “Air is poisonous”, “Wind pushes your character to the side” are but a few map gimmicks that you will need spirit cards to counter. Oh and don’t think you can just “wing it” without the cards since those “wind/fire/poison” gimmicks don’t affect your opponent in the slightest.

I’m all for making a game harder but does it have to be via player handicaps? Those handicaps were obviously introduced to force the player on the spirit cards.

All the reviews I came across have had nothing but praised for this mode. Am I the only one that finds it frustrating?

Thankfully, this mode doesn’t seem to be required to unlock characters in “vs” and there’s also a “classic” mode that you can go through.
Thank you for giving us a proper story mode this time around but to me this one is a no go.

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