Friday, December 7, 2018

eSport is for Everyone!

There are biological differences between the man and female body which may be the reasoning behind having dedicated sports teams rather than having mixe ones. Traditional sport also has separate divisions for people with disabilities.

eSport is still in its infancy and already we can see a division similar to traditional sports. In the eSport world,biological differences, or disabilities, doesn’t always make difference on how good someone can play. Why don’t we have female players competing against male ones? Why don’t we have more people with disabilities competing? Why don’t we have teams that would include people from all groups?
Let’s not bring the misconceptions of traditional sport to the eSport world. Women/Men, people with disabilities and everything in between can and should play video games with each other at a competitive level.

The following video is an example of a blind man competing at a Street Fighter V tournament. How many more people, like this player, could do this given the chance?

At the Canadian Atlantic eSport League, you are welcome no matter what your sex or limitations are. If you think you’re the best, then come prove it.

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