Friday, November 30, 2018

The Playstation VR is a Disappointment in Cinema Mode

Things such as video headsets , VR and augmented reality are the entertainment of the future. This past weekend, I wanted a taste of that future by buying the PS VR. My plan was to use it, mostly, in cinema mode to watch movies while the TV is in use.

My biggest struggle with the headset is to get the right view angle. In VR mode, this isn’t a big issue considering that the center of the screen is where you’ll be looking at most times and that is usually pretty clear once it’s setup.

Aside from the less than ideal resolution, the biggest problem with the Playstation VR is with the Cinema mode. For those of you who doesn’t know, cinema mode is not VR. You basically put the glasses on and it’s like you’re viewing a super big screen TV. Depending on screen size you’ve set (small/medium/large), you have to move your head to see each sides of it. The core of the issue is that everything not directly in front of you is a blurry mess which makes things less than ideal in this mode.
Again, this isn’t a problem in VR mode because you’re expected to move your head to where the bulk of the action is. Everything else doesn’t have to be crystal clear.

There are already rumors of a PS VR2 - either remove the cinema mode or make it so that it's clear from the get go.

What's been your experience with the PS VR?

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