Friday, January 25, 2019

Stop Putting Guns in RPGs

The first RPG I ever played was Final Fantasy VII on the playstation. It blew my mind but I hated the fact that Barrett Wallace had a gun in a world where sword and magic existed. Wouldn’t guns be able to beat swords all the time? Apparently not - at least not in the world of Final Fantasy VII and many other similar RPGs of today.

A few years back, Borderlands introduced a gun based RPG. Some clones have since surfaced. While they may be fun to play, I still hate having to shoot bad guys 60 times in the head in order to kill them.
You may ask “why are you asking for gun realism in a RPG fantasy world?” and my answer is that I do not want guns in Fantasy RPGs period.

"Don't bring a knife to a gunfight."

A game with guns, that also wants RPG elements, should approach the matter logically. Maybe, as you gain level, you become more competent with the gun. Instead of having a damage boost from your levels, maybe lower the recoil of the gun or have better aim while running.
Folks from Ubisoft seems to have understood this with Ghost Recon Wildlands. It’s an FPS that has RPG elements added to it. As you gain levels, you unlock more gear, you can run for longer, lesser your recoil etc… The RPG elements are very light and you could play the entire game without it but the little increase are noticeable enough to warrant working towards them.

I may be alone feeling this way when you consider that Destiny 2 was one of the best selling video games the year it came out. I'm burnt out from this game type.

What about you? Do you like that type of game?

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