Friday, February 1, 2019

I'm Tired of Re-Buying Nintendo Games

Nintendo has been requiring users to create new Nintendo accounts for each generation of consoles since the Wii. This means that all digital games that were purchased during the previous generation are no longer accessible on the new console. Why the heck not?
There's no other reasons for this other than a pity attempt to cash in, again, on their older game libraries. After all, Nintendo doesn't have the excuse that the new hardware can't play those games considering that it's still possible to buy them on the new system.

It's not like I pick up those old games on a daily basis. It's just nice to have them follow my account from one generation to the next in a similar fashion than what the Xbox did with the Xbox 360/one.

This shady Nintendo tactic has prevented me of buying any digital content. Why would I? I might as well buy the physical copies so that I have the option of selling with the old console if I want to (remember that you can't sell digital games).

Nintendo has recently been sending cease and desists letters to a bunch of sites that offered Nintendo Roms. I don't support people that want to play video games for free but I understand why some people play Nintendo Roms. It's not like Nintendo is offering a viable solution to play older games themselves - so players have been looking at other means as a result of that. I do not think Nintendo will be able to stop illegal Roms entirely. Closing one site will open 10 others. Nintendo has no choice but to fight this by offering a better solution.

They did come up with a partial solution which was releasing the Nes and Snes classics consoles but the effort was too conservative to my liking. Why did they only release a handful of games on them?

If Roms and Classics consoles thought us anything is that people are still hungry to play Nintendo classics. There's just so many times you can ask a customer to pay for the same thing though. I'm burnt out by it - are you?

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