Friday, February 8, 2019

"Intelligent" Technology

The words "Intelligent" and "Smart" are nothing but buzz words for new gadgets or software. They are being used all over the place but are the items we buy, with "Smart" or "Intelligent" in its name, really all that smart/intelligent?

When I think about "smart", I think about something that is clever. Able of intelligent thought. You ask a question, it replies with the answer or it suggests things to you based on what it knows of you. Something that is helpful or design with humans in mind. Maybe AI could be considered smart but we're really not there with it yet.
I've been in the IT field for 10 years now and I've seen many software/hardware and not many of those were intelligently designed let alone acted with any sort of intelligence.

Smartphones were call smart before the introduction of AI. Is a phone, without Siri (or any other AI equivalent), really all that smart. I would argue that SIRI is nothing more than an app able to recognize speech. If it was smart, maybe it would set the alarm for me without me having to tell it to.
We also have "Smart TV" which offers nothing other than an OS with Netflix. How is that smart?

"Smart" is being used too much when introducing a new gadget. We're fooling ourselves believing that we're at the point where we can develop any sort of intelligence electronically. We're decades away at least.

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