Friday, August 23, 2019

The New Switch Isn't Much of An Upgrade

Nintendo will soon be releasing two new versions of its flagship console. A Light/Smaller, more portable, version as well as an update for the current model.

I'm pretty disappointed with the update of the existing model. They literally didn't change anything beside the battery life. This could of been an opportunity for them to make a bigger leap forward. What, exactly, could they have improved upon? How about:
  • More Storage/Memory - Granted that the Switch Games do not require as much storage but, at 32 gig, it doesn't take long for the Switch storage to be full. You either need to manage that limited space or buy yourself additional storage. Additional storage room, out of the box, would of been amazing!
  • Better Battery - The "battery upgrade" of the new model is laughable. No device should brag about having a run time of less than 10 hours on battery.
  • Better Performance - Along with a significant battery upgrade, I feel the Switch needs more power in handheld mode. The performance, and resolution, takes a dip as soon as you remove it from the dock. This can sometime be a pain for some games that requires more graphical power.
All in all, it's good that we can an upgrade but Nintendo didn't go far enough with them. This is especially troublesome considering that the next generation consoles are just around the corner. Power isn't everything but it sure is nice when you can play your games without any sort of lag. What will Nintendo next move be?

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