Friday, October 4, 2019

Was Ghost Recon Wildlands an Experiment?

I've been playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint during the Beta and Early Access and I've been blown away at just how better it is compared to Ghost Recon Wildlands. Every idea that was introduce in Wildlands is improved here which begs the question - was Ghost Recon Wildlands just an "experiment"? Was the game released before it was properly "cooked"? One thing is for sure, Wildlands feels like a shell of a game now that I've played Breakpoint.

The Improvements:
  • Collectibles - In Wildlands, collectibles were used to inflate the time it took to complete the game 100%. It had very little purpose beside "collecting". In Breakpoint every collectible has a purpose. In-fact, you need to find specific collectibles in order to complete missions. Some are "clues" that you need to advance a mission.
  • Hunting - While Wildlands had animals, it wasn't possible to kill them with vehicles and there wasn't any real purpose in doing so. Killing them in Breakpoint gives you "meat/protein" that you can use in your cooking skills.
  • Sealth - In Wildlands, once someone saw you - it was over. There was nothing you could do to "hide" from the enemies unless you left the base entirely and came back. In Breakpoint, it's possible to move around and hide, even after you've been found out, as long as nobody saw your new hiding spot.
  • Locations - One of the biggest selling point of Wildlands was how big the map was. Once you've experience the map though you realize that it was basically a big empty space with a lot of the same buildings. This is, thankfully, fixed in Breakpoint. Now all bases look and feel different making exploration interesting.
  • Climbing/Fall - The mechanics for climbing the uneven terrain has been improve as well as it's now possible to fall down if you go down a steep hill. It adds a bit of realism to moving around on foot.
  • Craft- Crafting mechanics are introduce in Breakpoint. It is now possible to destroy items and make new ones as well as pick up items from the world in order to brew some medicine or food. This adds realism to the "survival" element of the game.
  • Other - There are many other small tweaks (sound, controls...) from Breakpoint that make it stand apart from Wildlands.
Breakpoint isn't a perfect game but its a hell of a lot better than its predecessor. While the 2 are different genre (Wildland is an FPS and Breakpoint is more of an RPG) Breakpoint still makes Wildlands feels like a shell of a game. Many ideas that were introduce in Breakpoint feels like it was overdue or should of been introduced in Wildlands.

If you're like me and enjoyed Wildlands then you'll likely enjoy Breakpoint. It is, in many ways, what Wildlands should of been.

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