Friday, December 13, 2019

We're Not Ready for Self-Driving

We will see a future with self-driving cars but now is not the time for us to be sleeping at the wheel while the car is driving itself - it's too soon.

The main reason why we're not ready for it is simply that the technology behind it is still in it's infancy and prone of making errors when faced against the unpredictability of humans. Basically, there are still too many humans on the roads driving "the old fashion way". Once, however, that enough self-driving cars will be on the road; the self-driving feature will be much more reliable as the car will be able to determine where every other self-driving vehicle is from kilometers away which would greatly reduce the chances of collision between them.

We haven't heard much of this yet but I hope to eventually see a centralized database that will keep track of all self-driving vehicles, in real time, regardless of the make. When in self-driving mode, the car would connect to the database to figure out where all the other self-driving cars in the vicinity. Maybe the technology could still be implemented to vehicles that do not have self-driving features as to further increase the security/reliability of the self-driving cars.

As far as I'm concerned, once the technology will be ready I'll be replacing the typical car seat for a bed so I can sleep during my travels. That 10 hour commute doesn't seem as bad if you can just sleep most of the way doesn't it?

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