Friday, December 6, 2019

Remove Bullet Sponges from Ghost Recon Breakpoint

It's now been a week since the release of the first "Titan" raid in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and it's a disappointment mainly because the raid simply ignores Ghost Recon mechanics by placing bullet sponge type of bosses in the middle of an arena with no way for you use stealth or cover. Obviously, this makes for a very difficult experience considering that there are no real way to get better armor and/or health - at least not to the point where your character becomes a bullet sponge of its own.

When I tried the raid I had a gear score of 210 (or 160 points more than the minimum requirement) with an experienced team and we still struggled to the point where we've given up after 7-8 attempts at the final boss.
Ultimately, the experience was enjoyable up to the final boss. The problem wasn't that the boss was tough it was that none of the mechanics we were good at were needed in the strategy to bring it down... It simply was about running around, giving each other "the laser", while shooting a small hit box at the back of it. All while trying to avoid being hit by the few enemies that would spawn all around the arena.

Introducing raids that ignores the stealth and cover mechanics, as well as your skills (if you're a medic you can't revive yourself), are a mistake since these are the mechanics that makes Ghost Recon a fun game to play. The same mistake was made with Ghost Recon Wildlands' Guerrilla "Horde" mode. How can we possibly win when the game mechanics are geared towards not getting hit but then the mode forces us to fight in the open rather than stealth/cover?

I hope that the next raid will include more of the mechanics of the base game in their bosses as I have no interest in attempting the current raid in its current state.

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