Friday, November 29, 2019

Ubisoft and Extended Game Support

I've owned every major console that came out - I'm a gamer at heart. Lately, not only is most of my gaming time spent on Ubisoft games but I also found myself buying the same game on other devices either to play with friends or see how well it performs there. Obviously, I enjoy the games that I re-buy enough to re-buy them.
In the past week, I re-purchased the Assassin Creed Odyssey game on PC (during Black Friday) and fell in love with the game all over again.

Ubisoft has games for every genre and even though some, like Breakpoint and The Crew, have received "mixed" to "negative" reviews I've connected with them enough to put hundred of hours into each (and re-buying them).

One of the thing I like the most about the company is the support they give to their games after purchase. This business practice is fairly new to the company - I've only seen it for the last 4-5 years. Now, every game they release has 1-2 years of support planned for it. That support can either be patches to fix and improve the game or, in some cases (like Wildlands), entirely new game modes given to players for no additional charges.
The first company where I experienced this type of support was with Blizzard which delivered a patch for Diablo 2 10 years after it's original release... now that's support! When a company, like Blizzard and now Ubisoft, support their game it shows that they care about them and it helps players care about them too. Knowing that a game company support their games gives me confidence when in my purchase - it feels like I get a lot of value over time.
This is something that all game companies should do!

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