Friday, November 22, 2019

Foodvisor A.I. App is the Future That I Want

Ever wanted to have the nutritional information of what you're eating just by taking a picture of it? This may soon be a reality with the recent investment Foodvisor received to develop the technology.

The idea is pretty simple - take a picture of what you're eating and let the Foodvisor A.I. app estimate it's nutritional content. While it wouldn't be possible to accurately determine the nutritional content of food, just with a picture, it's still nice to have a "best guess" estimate for those of us that are food conscious.
This would be especially useful to those that are looking to loose weight but don't want to track everything they eat manually. Instead, just take a quick picture and let the app make the calculation for you to review later on during the day.

This will not be an easy feat for Foodvisor because for an A.I. to be able to recognize anything it must have a "memory" of images of said item. In the world of food, where there are hundred of ways to cook an item, it could be difficult for the A.I. to recognize items, such as Chicken, if it's cooked in a way that app doesn't recognize.
The important thing here, however, is that we are start developing the technology. This idea is in it's infancy and it can only get better with time. Maybe in the future we'll be able to buy sensors to connect to the app to help it make even more accurate estimates.

Time will tell how good this will be but I am pretty exited about this as I'm not particularly good at keeping track of such things as calories. If this could help with that, then I'm definitely downloading you yet to be released Foodvisor A.I. app!

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