Friday, January 10, 2020

We all live in Virtual America

Most game coming out today still have an "America" undertone. If we think of a war video game, we usually think about a conflict that involves America, or an "Americanize" side, against an enemy that's either Russian or Middle east inspired. Sure, each side may have a different name with fictional places but everything still very much feel like "America vs some other nation".

Why are non-fantasy games based on America more so than other nations? Is it because America represent a large user base and it's therefor good business to have them represented? Or is it just me that feels like I'm always in America when it comes to virtual worlds? Or is it because when we think about conflict we usually think about America?

When we think about the major racing games releases, some of them are set in other countries like Forza Horizon and it's great but that genre is still very much set in America. If we think of Need For Speed, for example, they usually create fictional cities that are very much Americanized.

I would like to see non-fantasy type of games inspired from other part of the planet. Don't get me wrong, America is beautifully represented in those games but it's not the only place that's worth virtually recreating.

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