Friday, April 10, 2020

Borderlands 3 is Wild

I got Borderlands 3 on special a month ago but never really picked it up until this weekend and I only realize now how wild this game truly is. During my adventure, I came across a gun that shoots guns that shoots bullets, a gun that creates a mini volcano upon the death of a target, a flying public toilet ... The game is full of surprises and it is exactly what is keeping me engaged during my fourth time exploring this universe.

The Borderlands series is what introduced me to the looter shooter genre and is widely considered as the father of the genre. Even though it's not the first game of the genre it certainly is the one that was the most commercially successful.

In RPGs, I usually gravitate towards characters that have companions that can help bring down my enemies. In this game, we have a robot "Beastmaster" that can summon creatures to help in the fight against the SOB (the game's main villains). The summoned creatures also help the Beastmaster by giving him all sorts of useful perks so not only do you get a companion but it's also in the Beastmaster's best interest to keep that companion alive.

I'm roughly 20 hours in at this point and am level 18. I don't know how big this game is but there seems to be a lot more to explore, this time around, than in past games. I like that we get to explore other planets this time around as it gives the impression that this is a living, breathing, Galaxy.

If you haven't picked it up yet then you should! It's a fun time.

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