Friday, April 3, 2020

Pandemic - Internet Connection Lost

These times are difficult on everyone and can be especially taxing on such things as internet service providers. Two weeks in the lock-down and my internet connection isn't as stable as it was before everyone started watching Netflix for 12 hours a day. This is a big problem for me because I'm one of the lucky few that can work from home - assuming I have a stable internet connection.

What can be done to help remedy the situation?
According to, Netflix and Youtube have reduce the video quality in order to help alleviate internet traffic.
This is a good first step but I also am of the opinion that internet service providers should do more to limit the amount of traffic on the network by reducing the speed at which people can access the information. Most people have high speed Internets at this point, which is great, but the infrastructure in place wasn't designed to give everyone high speed, at the same time, for days at a time. This is made evident by the increase of disconnect that some people have seen in recent weeks.

Sure it's not an ideal situation but it's better to have a slower internet than to have no internet at all. A slow internet connection would still allow those that work from home (like me!) to do a lot of things. Who knows how long this lock-down is going to last... we better have something in place to have the internet working in the longer term in these circumstances.

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