Friday, June 12, 2020

Are Games Too Big?

It's not uncommon today to download a game that's well over 100 Gig and that is becoming a problem considering that most terabyte HD are still ridiculously high priced. If you look on gaming computer websites, such as Alienware, most of their PC comes with a 1 TB which was great 5 years ago but doesn't really do it in today's video game climate.

The issue is that all assets of those newer games needs to be "4K". If a game is 100-150Gig with 4k resolution... how big are they going to be with 8K/12K resolution when ever we come to that point?

The solution to all this virtual space problem seems to be with the streaming services, such as Stadia, which allows you to play games on any devices without actually needing to download them on it. Is this the future of gaming? If so, I'm not ready for it because I still like to own my favorite games on physical disc but these Blue ray disc can only store up to 50 Gig of data which is about half the size of games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare. What either happens today is that the game will come on 2 blue ray disc or the user will be required to download a hefty patch the first time he puts the disc in which is a problem for those with limited internet access.

My first ever computer had 80 gigs HD on it and I was told that I "would never be able to fill that up"... it was all a lie!

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