Friday, August 28, 2020

I'm Late on Them COD

I recently picked up many Call of Duty games that were on sale on the Xbox store. I skipped, for the most part, all COD games that were not made by Infinity Wards but thought it was time for me to visit, and ultimately give a second chance, Treyarch and Sledgehammer' games.

I still kind of feel the same way as I did when these older COD came out. Treyarch and Sledgehammer COD campaigns just doesn't click as much with me as the likes of Infinity Wards (Modern Warfare classic anyone?) Everything is there but feels disconnected. For example, in WWII (Sledgehammer) there's a point where you get to a beach but most of the time you watch a video of the action instead of actually playing it. I don't want to watch cool things happen as much as I want to play in them and Infinity Wards understood this the best with the original Modern Warfare series (I haven't picked up the 2019 game yet).

In the latest sale, I got the entire Black Ops series. I've beaten the first one for the first time as I couldn't get through it the first time it came out. It was okay but I'm having a much better time with Black Ops 2. It seems like Treyarch has been taking more risk with the series than the other companies. They're actually trying out some new things - like the gear customization in the campaign of Black Ops 2 or the back and forth in time of the missions.

I have enough COD to keep me busy for the next little bit.

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