Friday, December 11, 2020

Gamepass Ultimate is Amazing

There are many gaming services "a la Netflix" but, to me, Gamepass stands out as being one of the best on the market. Sure, it doesn't offer streaming, at least not yet, but it offers pretty much everything else you would expect as well as a few surprises.

What does Gamepass Ultimate do?
  • Xbox Live Gold - All the benefits of Xbox Live Gold are included here which means you get 2 free games a month as well as access to multiplayer on Xbox.
  • Xbox/PC Library - Access to a ever changing library of games both on the Xbox as well as PC (or both).
  • EA Play - A fairly new addition to Gamepass Ultimate, players now have access to EA Play games which is a pretty impressive library in itself.
  • Perks - In the past few weeks, I've got perks in the form of game DLCs and a month free of Disney Plus.
  • Quests - When you complete these quests you get points that you can then spend towards additional Xbox Live months, draws or other items available for that month.
  • Store Discount - An additional 10,15,20% discount on store item is a nice little bonus.
  • Cloud Gaming - In beta but still functional. Along with everything else this is a better deal that Stadia right now.
  • 10$ (Canadian) a month (on black Friday) - It can be cheaper than other gaming services when bought on sale.
I've been fortunate enough to stumble on this during my last Black Friday shopping and I haven't regretted it. Perhaps the only downside of it is that it doesn't include Ubisofts games as of yet but those often are included in Xbox Live Gold too.

If you are in the market for a gaming service then you should consider Gamepass among your choices. It may be a good deal for you even if you don't own an Xbox.

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