Friday, February 12, 2021

What I Like About Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, like its predecessor Ghost Recon Wildlands, received a lot of criticism for moving away from their more traditional, strategic, route. While I greatly enjoyed previous entries I feel like the latest 2 entries benefited greatly from the changes Ubisoft made to the series. 

The change I appreciate the most is the complete freedom of how to play the game not just from a strategic point of view but also with the cheer amount of options that can potentially make my experience with the game vastly different than someone else's (even if we're playing together). 

I can:
  • Play solo or with friends (or A.I. teammates).
  • I can have "arrows" (visual queues) pointing out the enemies or play without it.
  • I can play with a mini map or without it.
  • I can play with, or without, enemy helicopter/drone patrols.
  • I can re-activate previous limited time events.
    • Want your playthrough to have terminator T-800 in it?
  • I can play loud, or stealthy, using a mix of weapons, that are customizable, and vehicles.
  • I can customize my character, weapons, HUD, difficulty, survival realism...
  • ...
Basically, Ubisoft created a world full of enemy bases and gave the player a bunch of tools, both from a gameplay and setting perspective, to create a tailored experienced that is dependent on player preferences and they did so without negatively impacting coop - even people playing together may be experiencing the game in totally different ways.
The customization isn't unique to Ghost Recon Breakpoint but it never was at the extend, or as well executed, as it is with this game.

I have hundred of hours logged in Wildlands/Breakpoint across multiple platforms and, while I do get tired of the formula every now and then, I always find myself coming back to it when I itch for some stealthy gun action.
Give these new entries to the series a chance and you may be pleasantly surprised and if you enjoyed these games then you may also want to try Metal Gear Solid V (Ghost Recon Wildlands/Breakpoint was heavily inspired by this game).

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