Friday, February 5, 2021

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - World of Light Sucks

I decided to give super smash brothers "World of Light" another chance. I had previously, somewhat, given a review of this mode before. I hated it then and boy do I still do.

What's fun about playing at a disadvantage against an enemy A.I.? On this particular level, my controls would change every 10-20 seconds. Left would become right and right was left... I can't tell you how frustrating this level was to me for, what I consider to me, ultimately little reward to show for it. 

It SUCKS to have a big piece of the game you love be such of a pain to play. We know this mode was a conscious decision because it's a way to feed special events throughout the year. I have yet to do any one of those.

I've looked online for tips and came across a few forums where some users have shared their disdained for the mode as well. We seem to be a minority, however, but I would love to understand what some people love about this mode. Is it the item collection that's fun?

I don't know but one thing is for sure: This definitely isn't something I'm going to be completing.

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