Friday, May 28, 2021

Why I Like basic RPG Systems

I used to play World of Warcraft back when the leveling system wasn't as streamlined as it is today. The old system was more complex and you really needed to invest time into understanding it in order to get the most out of it for your character.

For me, the problem was that I didn't want to invest the time necessary to understand the system so I always ended up online looking for the most powerful build (Blizzard noticed this hence why they streamlined it).

I recently picked up Fallout 4, again, and started doing the same thing even though I know that for that game it's not really necessary as the enemies are relatively easy to kill after a few hours of play. 
I can't help it, however, every time I see individual attribute that can be modified I need to look up online to see what's the most powerful build one can make. This is especially a problem in games that doesn't give you the option to respect. It really sucks to play for a few hours only to be stuck somewhere because your character doesn't have the right specs.

In my younger days, when I played Diablo 2, I spent a crazy amount of time experimenting with various builds and actually enjoyed that process but being older I don't feel like I have the energy necessary to get as invested in a game anymore. When Diablo 2 was out, it was also one of the few games that I actually like to play and now there are many more options available. When I pick up a game now, I want it to be engaging without needing to spend a crazy amount of time learning its intricate systems.

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