Friday, July 30, 2021

I Hate To Play With Cardboard Pieces

Having recently started playing card & board games again I soon found myself playing with cardboard pieces which I hate just as much now as I did in my younger day. When I was younger, I didn't have a choice to play with these things as I had no funds to get anything better. 

Fast forward 20 years and I have a bit more funds to throw at these things than I used to...

Etsy has been of great help in my search of premium tokens, playmats or anything else I might use to enhance my Magic The Gathering, Ashes Reborn, Keyforge, Summoner Wars... experience. I was surprised at the cheer amount of stuff people created for each of these games - most of which I had no idea could make the experience better.
For example, I was able to buy a storage platform to be used with my Ashes Reborn master box set. This may not sound like much but boy does it ever keep things neatly stored inside that original box. I was also able to find a playmat for that game which is impressive considering that, to my knowledge, no big companies (Ultra Pro, Gamegenic... etc) have created one for it.

While I switch most of my cardboard tokens for plastic one, know that you also can buy metal tokens but those are often way beyond what I'm willing to pay. I guess you could say that I want something in between cardboard (cheap) and metal (extra fancy).

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