Friday, September 10, 2021

Rainbow Six Quarantine (Extraction) - Just another Zombie/Alien Game?

Left 4 Dead came out in 2008 and seems to have brought with it an era of amazing zombie based games. We have COD zombies, Dead Island, State of Decay, World War Z, Zombie Army series, Dying Light... just to name a few. Do we really need another zombie/Alien game with a Rainbow Six twist to it?

Ubisoft sure is doing weird things with the Rainbow Six franchise as of late. What was once a counter terrorist based game is now a shooter with rainbow colored guns and soon to introduce zombies (or aliens).
Rainbow Six Extraction (formally called Quarantine) was originally released in Rainbow Six Seige as a special event and I guess it was popular enough to warrant a separate release. I had an "Okay" time with the game back then but it hadn't really scratch that zombie itch for me. I still felt like Dying Light, or COD zombies, offered a better experienced than that this.

We're a few months away from release, we'll get to try the game and see how good it really is. I mean, it could be cool to use Rainbow Six gadgets to bring down zombies even though it's not really something I ever thought of doing within the Rainbow Six universe. I sure miss the days of having to plan out the most effective ways to bring down terrorists. Whether or not this will be a hit for Ubisoft remains to be seen but it's possible that it will appeal to the new generation of gamers more so than the old timers like myself. I hope we'll get to see a demo sometime soon.

Note: I'm using Aliens/Zombies interchangeably here as essentially both type of games typically offer the same kind of gameplay. Whether you shoot a mindless horde of zombies, or a horde of aliens, ... it's essentially the same gimmick.

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