Friday, December 31, 2021

Sega Genesis Classics Surprises on PS4!

The Sega Genesis Classics game was on special recently on PS4 and I was on the fence on whether or not to get this title. Sure, it had a lot of games but it wasn't from a console I had much loved for as a kid. I bought it because I wanted something to play with my new arcade stick.

Initially, I thought it was okay since many of the games included were new to me but the surprised came when I put my PS4 VR glasses on. This game fully supports VR! Your placed in a kids room reminiscent of the 90s which reminds me a lot of my own room growing up. Then you pick a game and you have a choice between playing the game in "TV" mode (a PSVR thing) or in VR where the game plays on a digital T.V. in the kid's room. 
I never really connected with what Sega did as a company, whether it be hardware or software, but this is on another level. Don't get me wrong, it's not much but the game perfectly captures not only the 50+ games included but also the time period in VR. It's too bad other classic collections on the PS4 don't have this feature.

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