Friday, December 24, 2021

The Difficulty in Fighting Games Can Be Frustrating

As I mentioned before, during the last Black Friday sales I've gotten many fighting games; many of which I only want to breeze through the Arcade/Story mode on the easy difficulty but rare are the games that allow me to do this.

When you set the difficulty to "easy" what usually happens is that you'll breeze through the A.I. up until the final boss who seems to demand that you know the mechanics of the game in order to defeat him. This is frustrating to me as putting things on "easy" mode means that I don't want to learn about the more advanced mechanics of the game and I just want to beat the thing.

This does seem to be an issue with older games that originated on Arcade where a defeat usually meant more quarters in the machine. Arcade didn't have easy mode and its nice that it was added on PC/Console versions of these games but it seems that the final bosses didn't get the memo.

Capcom understood this with Street Fighter IV/V. The last boss of story/arcade are easy on easier difficulty. They understand that not everyone wants to master the game in order to get through it. Those that do want to master it, however, still have the option to do so.

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