Friday, January 21, 2022

Rainbow 6 Extraction - Where are the terrorist?

Ubisoft has done pretty much what they wanted with the Tom Clancy's brand making Rainbow Six an online shooter only, a game for which I didn't really connect with, and making Ghost Recon an open world game, a direction I think fitting for the series.

I played a bit of Rainbow 6 Extraction and I don't understand why this is a plague/alien/mutation/zombie game rather than a counter terrorist game. Maybe Ubisoft felt that they could go a bit more into the science fiction realm with this one by introducing monsters, instead of humans, but it's not like Rainbow Six Siege didn't have any sci-fi gadgets b.s. going on for it in the first place. 
They could easily change the alien enemies with bad guys of different types and make the entire experience a little bit more Earth like rather than a sci-fi monster fest.

What's the big deal? Well maybe it's not a big deal to most, and there's still some fun to be had here, but it does feel a bit too familiar and unexpected, at the same time, for a rainbow six (counter terrorist) series. It's a bit out of place like eating cereal with chocolate milk ... sure it can be done but its a bit weird and not something I personally enjoy.

Since I haven't played much of the game, maybe it's too soon for me to judge it. My first impression of it, however, is that I wish this would be a counter terrorist coop game like the days of old.

Am I the only one here?

One very good thing going for the game is that it feels good to play and I haven't encountered any bugs or issues with my time playing it making it a relatively stable launch when compared to other triple A titles of late *cough* Battlefield 2042, Cyberpunk... *cough* *cough*.

If you have game pass then whether or not you should try this game is a no brainer.

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