Friday, February 25, 2022

Stop The Silly Celebrations!

Pokémon recently celebrated its 25 years and with it came a hoax of things that people could buy to celebrate the event. Why are companies celebrating their holidays by offering people to buy limited time things that are often at a premium price?
Pokémon card collectors could, for example, buy a premium celebration box at almost $500 which contain a few limited edition metal cards as well as reprints of their most popular cards.

I love that companies want to celebrate milestone; I just hates that its at our expense.

Capcom also loves doing this with their Street Fighter franchise. Every 5 years, they come up with a special anniversary edition that usually include a bunch of street fighter games bundled up together. I appreciate this a lot more, however, than what ever Nintendo is doing with their premium Pokémon cards offering.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a celebration where we're actually given something for free? In a way, we're the reasons why those franchises get to have these celebrations in the first place. I know some games are doing it but I'd like to see more of it...

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