Friday, February 18, 2022

I Don't Own Anything from Codemasters

Codemasters is mostly known nowadays for their racing games and being acquired by E.A. but there was a time when they were making other genres of games of which I owned 2. One was called "Dance Factory", on PS2, which promised something like generating dance moves from any CDs (think Dance Dance Revolution but with any music CD) - this never worked properly. 
The other game, of which I don't remember the name, was something like No Man Sky where you could travel to a handful of planets, land on them, and explore with vehicles or by walking while shooting down enemies FPS style. This game sounded like an amazing game that I never could play because it could only be played on AMD graphic cards (something that wasn't advertised on the box)

Both of these games were purchased in the early 2000s at a time when I didn't have much money to put towards games and I was burnt both time by this company hence why I vowed never to buy one of their games again. Fast forward 20 years and I still haven't bought any more games from this company.

Codemasters can be seen as a triple A company to some but I will always remember them as a company that makes gimmicky games that sound amazing but ultimately doesn't deliver. I did try some of their racing games on Gamepass and they're definitely competent racing games that I've enjoyed but not to the point of buying them separately from the Gamepass service.

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