Friday, February 11, 2022

Get Back Into Classic Games!

Are you tired of waiting to get your hands on a next gen console? Or are you just not liking where the game industry is going as a whole? Why not look into getting back into the previous generations of games instead?

There's a new pawn shop in my area that offers a wide array of classic games, priced fairly, which I managed to grab a lot of. My best acquisitions have been fighting games on PS2 (Capcom Vs SNK2) and PS3 (Blazblue Calamity Trigger). With these, I realized that there's still a lot to love about older generations of consoles.
Playing on the PS2, I realized how much of a achievement hoarder I became. Playing a game, without the achievement as a side bonus, feels like there's something missing even though many of these older games were actually more complete than the newer games with all these added DLCs.

Maybe on of the biggest problem you'll run into is actually being able to find one of those older consoles on the second hand market at a decent price. Luckily for me, I still had my PS2 and PS3 in working older but the "FAT" PS2 is starting to show it's age with the disc drive that opens a bit slower than it used to. Hopefully, the cleaning/grease product I ordered will fix that.

Older generation of consoles may have longer loading screens than the console of today but some games are still worth a playthrough on them. Actually, if you play 2D fighting games, the loading screens are quite minimal compared to 3D games so it's not really an issue here.

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