Friday, May 20, 2022

Hotwheels Unleashed Improvement Suggestions

Got hands on Hotwheels Unleashed recently and while it's a good time there are some short comings that I wished they would fix. Those are:

  • Online - The online has no progression and you're constantly paired with people of all skill levels rather than your own.
  • More Cars - The game has roughly 60 cars which is decent but we have to remember that the franchise has thousands of cars. Go crazy here!
  • Custom Tracks for Races - Currently, customs tracks are only available either online or for time trials. It's not possible to play with bots.
  • Open world? - This one I'm on the fence. Currently the campaign consist of playing track after tracks found on a grid like map. Wouldn't it be nice to have access to a open world similar to Forza Horizon?
  • Weapons? - This one I'm also on the fence. The game doesn't currently have weapons but I feel like it would have it's place here.
  • Radom Stats? - Another one where I'm on the fence. Out of the 60 cars available, only a handful are useful online. A stat shuffling mechanic would of been useful here. What I mean by this, cars would be won at random with random stats - some grinding would be required to get a car with good stats.
  • Less grind for seasons - The introduction of seasons does add longevity to the game but the amount of grind requires is quite excessive. Each race you win gives you 10EXP and you need thousands to gain a level (amount goes up per level).
  • Stop the forced online upload - While it's possible to customize the paint of your vehicle, you need to upload it to the server, for everyone to see/download, before you can use it on your car. The issue this causes is that you have many car liveries that are just single colors or bland. Obviously, not everyone wants to share their creations with everyone also.
  • Ability to save custom made maps locally - Custom maps are great but it's currently possible to download them, for future use, and their constantly shuffling/adding new ones meaning that you can easily loose that one map you liked.

Hotwheels Unleased is a good time and often on special. You should definitely give this one a go.

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