Friday, May 6, 2022

Where are the 2D Fighters at?

Arc System Works has done an amazing job at converting 2D sprites into 3D making games, like Dragon Ball Fighter Z, look exactly like their anime counterpart but sometimes I wonder if we'll ever see a fighter game with the 2D sprites of ol'.

Playing street fighter Alpha, The King of Fighters 98, (and a few others from that era) I'm amazed at how well these games stood the test of time from a visual perspective. Rivals of Aether, which came out fairly recently, has also chosen to go with 2D sprites and it makes the game standout as a result.

The challenges of using sprites is, obviously, in how difficult it is to make changes compared to its 3D counterpart yet it's my opinion that the end result of 2D sprites will look better, longer term, than 3D. Look at a 3D game from the early 2000s and compare it with a 3D game of this year and you see a big visual gap but look at a game that used 2D sprites from 20 years ago and it looks just as sharp as it did then (with the proper resolution applied).

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