Friday, April 29, 2022

Rocket League Matchmaking Needs an Update

Rocket League is an amazing game but it's not without it's flaws. Issues aside, Rocket League matchmaking need some work and the below are suggestions that, I think, would make it a better experience.

  • For 2v2,3v3,4v4... Those joining a random team should have the ability to play against others that have also joined random teams. Very often, a team of random have to face a group that is used to play together which means that the side that is random is starting off at a disadvantage.
  • When you choose to leave a game, you shouldn't be put in the same game right after. Very often when I quit either in the middle of a match or at the end of it to queue up for another match I'm placed with the same people.
  • I find myself struggling the most during matches when I play with people cross platform. I think the reason for this because of PC players. While I love that this game is cross=play, I would like the ability to choose which platform that should be considered for matchmaking.
  • Every match should be region locked by default unless the ping is good. There was a period of time when every match I joined was a lag fest and I eventually found that the reason for this was because I was setup as a global player (meaning I could join servers from other continents). Obviously, if lag is an issue then you're at a disadvantage. 
  • Most of my games have been 3v3 and every once in a while I'm put in a group that doesn't understand the basics of the game against people that can bring the ball from one end of the arena to the other in the air. While it's not clear to me what logic the game looks for to pair players, I would argue that there's still work for improvement here.
  • While this isn't pertaining to the matchmaking itself, I've often been grouped with teammates that use the in-game chat excessively. While I know there's an option to mute players, I don't always have time, during gameplay, to go in the settings to mute them... we need a quicker way to do this (opponents are always muted).
  • While It's possible for the group to give up on a match we currently need to have everyone on the team vote for it. What usually end up happening, when the majority of people want to quit but there's one person that doesn't. is that the game continues but those that want to give up aren't really in the game anymore. I think the logic should change for the following:
    • Unless some people are in a group, when there's majority vote the game should end..
      • Ex scenario: In a 3 player team, 2 people are in a group with a random person. In order for the game to end, everyone must vote to end it.
      • Ex scenario 2: In a 3 player team where nobody is in a group - only 2 people are required to vote to end the match.
Rocket League is a great game that everyone should play even though it isn't without it's flaws. My hope is that some of the items mentioned above have some merits and I considered in future release.

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